Parents Are Terrified That Their ‘Knife Obsessed’ 7 Year Old Son Will Grow Up To Be A Killer

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Parents Are Terrified That Their Knife Obsessed 7 Year Old Son Will Grow Up To Be A Killer 55002f3459d5c Untitled5

This must be genuinely terrifying.

Parents Kim and Ryan adopted their son Rylan as a baby, and things started out fine.

Then aged around three he developed an obsession with knives, and they found a melon in the kitchen with 10 sharp knives stabbed into it.

Since then things have got worse, and what they thought might be a phase, has turned far more dangerous, with the now 7 years old Rylan threatening to stab them.

Speaking on the Dr Phil show, Kim said:

I take his threats very, very seriously.

We think he has an obsession with knives. He talks about knives, thinks about knives. He talks about stabbing us with them. He talks about lifting them up above his head and plunging them into our chest so he gets the best impact.

It is deeper than just playing with knives and threatening them. Kim and Ryan have tried taking Rylan to hospitals and therapists, but to no avail. And it isn’t just Rylan.

The 7 year old has an imaginary robot friend called ‘Bleeder’, that tells him to do things.

He has routinely threatened to kill himself and harm himself. My biggest fear is we’re raising a school shooter, a mass murderer, a serial killer.

We had a therapist that compared him to Ted Bundy.

To have him at home is too terrifying

Watch the parents on the Dr Phil show:

Before the clip ends, it is revealed that Rylan was born addicted to crystal meth, thanks to his mother smoking it while pregnant, and both his parents being bi-polar.

The poor kid clearly wasn’t given a good start in life, but I sincerely hope that he get’s the help needed to calm him down, and that the parents can relax and be happy.

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