Parents Feared Year 10 Asylum Seeker Was A 29-Year-Old Imposter

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Parents Feared Year 10 Asylum Seeker Was A 29 Year Old Imposter 147

Not much usually goes on in the sleepy north Mancunian suburb of Bury. Yesterday however the police, a school and the local council were forced to refute claims from parents and pupils that a 29-year-old man was masquerading as a year 10.

Potentially fearing a ‘21 Jump Street’ scenario going on at Broad Oak Sports College the concerned locals took to social media to protest. The police immediately responded vehemently and categorically denied the claims in a press release.

Detective Constable Carolyn Morley said:

We have been made aware of reports of an older man posing as a student at a school in Bury.

Detectives have undertaken enquires into this matter and assessments have been carried out by the relevant agencies, and we are confident that no offences have been committed.

Parents Feared Year 10 Asylum Seeker Was A 29 Year Old Imposter Broad Oak Sports College

It turns out that the ‘young man’ is in fact a vulnerable child who is “fleeing persecution in his country of birth”. Well done parents, top form.

Meanwhile in a statement released on the school’s website Headteacher Stephen Brecken dismissed the claims as “spurious” and “unfounded”.

So what does this say about our society that the police are making a press release to confirm the age of an asylum seeker placed in one of our schools? Are we inherently distrustful? Or does it say more about the social media age where any speculation and gossip is fully documented?

I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Written by @OldSpeak1.