Pay As You Go BMW’s Coming To London This Month

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Pay As You Go BMWs Coming To London This Month bmw sixt 3

BMW’s own car sharing service ‘DriveNow’ is coming to London as early as this week.

What is it and how does it work? Well DriveNow, if you’re not aware, is a joint venture between BMW and Sixt that matches available BMW cars to your location.

If you’ve signed up, you can use the unique chip in your driver’s license to open the car by placing it on the windscreen reader. NICE.

Pay As You Go BMWs Coming To London This Month drivenow1

Once in the car, you then have to enter a unique pin-code given to you by the DriveNow app or website. You’ll then be charged by the minute as you travel.

Even better? When you finish with the car you can park it wherever you want, kind of like a Boris-bike.

Sounds good. But we’re guessing it’s pretty f*cking dear to use one. We’ll see how it pans out…

H/T Engadget