People Are Offering Rent-Free Housing In Return For Sex

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People Are Offering Rent Free Housing In Return For Sex rent1

Want to move out? It’s expensive isn’t it? Well, not always. Sometimes it can be free… if you have sex with your landlord, that is.

Websites like Craigslist and Gumtree have loads of adverts offering rent-free housing, in exchange for sex.

Could be an ideal situation, if that is your thing, I guess.

Adverts like this are not uncommon.

I’m an attractive City lawyer looking to offer free accommodation to an attractive female in exchange for intimacy.

The rooms are normally priced at £560pcm but, of course, you would not be paying.

‘J’ posted an advert titled ‘Sex addict with Flat Seeks Horny Soulmate come Flatmate’, in which he has a 5 stage filter, with a strict criteria that you must meet to be considered, with my personal favourite being:

(viii) Like the idea of being with an emotionally intelligent guy with an IQ of 156.

This practice isn’t strictly illegal, although it may not necessarily be a great idea either. Just imagine the kind of people that are prepared to swap £500 plus for a sex contract.

Saying that, if there are any rich milfs out there that want a slightly younger, slightly house trained, bad divvy about the house, get in touch.