Perv Landlord Set Up Cam Behind Two-Way Mirror, Spied On Female Tenants

By : Sam Ridgway |


magicmirror4 e1415203242963

A creepy landlord has been arrested after a female tenant found that he’d been spying on her and her flatmates via camera setups and two-way mirrors.

The Beijing landlord was arrested last week on charges of voyeurism and taking illicit images of several women.

His property, an all-female residence, was rigged with hidden cameras and even a 2 metre tall one-way mirror, the same type used during police interrogations.

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Photos like the one above show how the landlord would watch his tenants through these two-way ‘magic mirrors’ that he set up in their bathroom. The one in the above picture has been removed.

And in the image below, you can see the vantage point he gave himself. If you’re blind, that’s the shower multiple of his female tenants regularly used.

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One of the residents said “It all came to light when a few days ago, my roommate happened to catch a glimpse of a nude photograph of me on our landlord’s phone.”

The roommate in question immediately moved out, while the remaining (six) female tenants reported the crime to the police. It is currently under investigation.

H/T RocketNews 24. Photo credit QQ via Toychan