#PigGate Wasn’t The Only Drunken Debauchery Cameron’s Bullingdon Chums Got Up To

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#PigGate Wasnt The Only Drunken Debauchery Camerons Bullingdon Chums Got Up To PigGateMashable

The Bullingdon Club was a society, at Oxford University, for the uber-privileged and filthy rich. Former members include Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and London mayor Boris Johnson.

Last night, some pretty shocking allegations – even by hell-raising ‘Buller boys’ standards – surfaced regarding an initiation ceremony in which our Prime Minister David Cameron simulated fucking a dead pig in the mouth.

Wow. Nothing else to say there – we are eagerly awaiting a response from Downing Street which doesn’t seem to be coming in a hurry.

Here’s some more things that Cameron’s band of merry tailcoat-clad toffs apparently got up to in their posh twat club social society.

Burning Money In Front Of Homeless People

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In 2013, The Daily Mirror reported on one of the bizarre rituals required for anyone wanting to join the glorified drinking club. Prospective members were required to burn a £50 notes in front of a homeless person – and that’s not a bad metaphor for the current state of our economy. Information about the initiation prank was leaked to the university student paper.

‘Posh Hooliganism’

The BBC report that a group of  Bullingdon members rocked up at the 15th Century White Hart pub, near Oxford, and destroyed the place. Seventeen bottles of wine were broken, along with every piece of crockery, and a window of the listed building.

The Mirror interviewed a former Etonian, who they referred to as Edward. He described the participants as ‘posh hooligans’, explaining:

One night we started drinking the finest whisky and port. Then we went to an Indian restaurant. The restaurateur couldn’t believe his eyes when the Bullingdon arrived so smartly dressed. But by the end the man was crying into his hands – we caused £10,000 of damage. It was fucking carnage.

#PigGate Wasnt The Only Drunken Debauchery Camerons Bullingdon Chums Got Up To David CameronDaily Mirror

“We’d Make Women Get On All Fours, Then Get Whips Out.”

There are many reports of inherent misogyny surrounding the infamous club. Journalist Barney Ronay wrote a piece for The Guardian in which he explained:

There’s the Bullingdon’s committed and longstanding misogyny. It’s not just the all-male exclusivity, more the tales of hiring strippers to preside at the initiation of new members at the annual breakfast. Plus the trapped, frantic and vaguely sexual energy of the whole thing. The Bullingdon is simply a no-go area for women. These are teenagers almost exclusively from an all-male boarding school background. It’s no real surprise that some of the naive, hostile and retarded attitudes fostered there resurface at a university reunion. You just have to hope they grow out of it.

And Finally, Trying To Cover Up That Any Of It Ever Happened

Being part of such a frivolous and exclusive societal subgroup that exudes wealth is a continued source of embarrassment for the politicians involved. I mean, it’s probably pretty hard to relate to the working class if you go around burning £50 notes just to be obnoxious. Cameron has always refused to talk about the antics of the notoriously privileged and hard-drinking club. The picture below, taken 1987, largely disappeared from public view when the owner mysteriously withdrew the copyright.

#PigGate Wasnt The Only Drunken Debauchery Camerons Bullingdon Chums Got Up To cameron bullingdon clubK Punk

Unfortunately for former Bullers, in an age where social media is king, it doesn’t quite work like that.