Piranhas At Feeding Time Are F*cking Terrifying

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Piranhas At Feeding Time Are F*cking Terrifying pri

When asked who they would rather face in the middle of the ocean out of a shark or piranha, you would expect most people to opt for the latter.

They are so much smaller, they don’t really feature in horror films that scar our minds (bar the one with Kelly Brook that was more boobs than jaws) and frankly, you’d probably think you could take one down. Think again. Seriously. Think again.

Piranhas At Feeding Time Are F*cking Terrifying pir 640x426

The little fish are actually rather lethal and after watching this YouTube video of them at feeding time, we would happily take our chances with the shark.

Taking pack mentality to the extreme, the creatures travel in packs of around 45,000, so it would be pretty much impossible to escape and or kill all of them – meaning you would be utterly f*cked if you swam into some when they were feeling a bit peckish.

So basically, next time you want to go swimming, it would probably be a good idea to avoid any hotspots for piranhas – if you want to come back in one piece, obviously.