Pissed Off Girl Writes ‘Crap Shag’ And ‘Small Penis’ On Ex’s Mercedes

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Colombian women are passionate. Very passionate. So cheating on one is probably not the greatest idea in the world.

Well, all cheating is wrong of course. But Pabil Muniz Quintanilla should have known the consequences of cheating on his missus, 25-year-old Maria Alejandra Samaniego.

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Because when he did, his extremely expensive Mercedes got a brand new paint job. With a permanent marker. At the hands of a pissed off Maria.

She wrote ‘Small Penis’, ‘Junkie’ and ‘Crap Shag’ on the beautiful white whip. And while we feel extremely sorry for the car, Mr Quintanilla probably deserved it.

Pictures: CEN