Pizza Could Become Part Of Your Five A Day

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Pizza Could Become Part Of Your Five A Day pizza web thumb

Pizzas are probably one of the tastiest foods out there, and pretty soon they could be among the healthiest as well because they could soon count as one of your five-a-day.

Obviously pizza isn’t going to change or become magically healthy, but the government’s rules about what can be classified as part of your five-a-day might. Nutritionists are calling for them to become more relaxed so that people don’t overlook other healthy options.

The current rules to get the government stamp of approval state that a food or drink has to be 100% fruit or vegetable. This means even some salads aren’t officially recognised as one of your five-a-day because it’s got croutons or something, making the product itself only 97% fruit and veg (that’s a made up figure).

The new rules would say that for a product to be one of your five a day it would have to contain a whole portion of fruit or veg. It’s all part of a move that the government wants to make in an attempt to fight obesity and improve the nation’s health. If the regulations were to be changed it could affect loads of products, including vegetable lasagnes, soups, low-fat baked beans and other healthier ready meals.

Now it seems stupid that product such as salads don’t get the five-a-day logo but I’m not convinced that this is a good way to tackle national obesity. Surely telling people that pizza counts as one of their five-a-day will encourage them to eat more pizza, which isn’t going to make anyone any healthier even if you do go for a Hawaiian.

I reckon some idiot will sue the government for getting fat after eating five pizzas every day of their life. In fact I’d put money on it.