Pizza Hut Is Raising The Bar With Its New Doritos Crust

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It’s no secret that Pizza Hut have been slacking behind Dominoes in recent years but they plan on bouncing back with serious style.

Pizza Hut are planning a total re-brand that will feature a new logo, a new look, new pizzas and now this, a new crust.

The Doritos Crunchy Crust even has melted cheese tucked underneath it as if it didn’t look like it would be tasty enough as it is.

The downside is that for the time being it’s only available on a pepperoni, and what’s worse is that it’s only available in Australia. I know, it’s a real joy-kill but obviously if it does well down under it will be over here before long. Maybe one of you should make a petition.

Or see how much it would cost to order from Australia.

doritos crunchy crust