Pizza Hut Refer To Woman As ‘Pink Fat Lady’ On Receipt

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Pizza Hut Refer To Woman As Pink Fat Lady On Receipt pink

It’s common knowledge that staff members at restaurants are supposed to be polite and respectful to their customers. Well, the Bukit Merah Pizza Hut doesn’t seem to agree.


Aili Si was picking up her order of two pizza’s from the restaurant when she was deeply insulted by a member of staff. When Si was handed her receipt, it had an added note that read ‘Pink fat lady’. Daaaaaamn.


She posted the receipt on the company Facebook page later that day, saying: “Just feel insulted. What’s wrong being plus size? I’m a customer n I pay for my pizza! Not that I’m get it for free!”

Pizza Hut sincerely apologised by stating, “This incident goes against our corporate values and we do not condone behaviour or actions that offend people.”

Pizza Hut Refer To Woman As Pink Fat Lady On Receipt facebook21

I think Aili Si should get a few free pizza’s after that absolute par!