Plain Packaged Cigarettes Will Be On Shelves Next Year

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Plain Packaged Cigarettes Will Be On Shelves Next Year tghyhgbh

MP’s have voted in favour of the introduction of plain cigarette packaging.


From 2016 all cigarette packaging will be standardised. They will all look exactly the same, with only the brand name being different. Graphic photos with health warnings will continue to be on the packets.

It’s been a long time coming, as the government first announced that it would consider the move back in 2011. Following several consultations and reviews, the conclusion has now been reached.

It was a free vote in the House Of Commons, and 367 MP’s voted in favour of the move, with 113 MP’s opposing.

Research showed that blank packaging was less appealing, as well as reinforcing health messages.

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As a non-smoker, this doesn’t really affect me. I hate smoking, mainly because it fucking stinks. People know it’s bad for them but do it anyway. I don’t think many people started smoking because the box fags come in look good.

It’s obviously not a bad thing. Even if it barely works, but stops around 1% of people taking up smoking, then that is still thousands of people, so it’s doing some good. But they stopped advertising tobacco, introduced the smoking ban, and STILL people want to stand outside and smoke, so y’know… I’m skeptical as to whether a black box will change much.

[Via BBC]