Police Attend 999 Call Over A Kick Off In A Chinese Buffet

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Police Attend 999 Call Over A Kick Off In A Chinese Buffet Buffet City on Great Portland Street in Manchester

I got well annoyed when the all you can eat chinese buffet near me ran out of duck. Proper pissed off. But I didn’t kick up a fuss, and the police didn’t get called.

It was a pretty traumatic experience to be fair. It’s definitely my favourite, and the most staple of starters. You can’t just run out! Like, who doesn’t like duck pancakes? Besides vegetarians and that, but whatever. They’re well nice.

So are desserts.

Well, this following 51-year-old eating at Buffet City in Manchester thinks so too. And when staff started to cover up the desserts counter, he kicked off.

Police were called once the fella started rowing with door staff, and they revealed that the situation was a civil matter and only dealt with the ‘kick off’.

Greater Manchester Police even tweeted saying:

999 just in – kicking off at buffet type place as staff have covered up desserts and customers want more. Customers had a fair point; paid full price but didn’t realise only 10 mins to go. Money was refunded.

Glad to see the police finally dealing with important matters.