Police Called To A House Party With More Than 1,000 People Inside

By : Alex Watt |


house party WEBMEN/Universal Pictures

Apparently Fallowfield, Manchester was the place to be last night as police were called to break up a rowdy party with over 1,000 revellers in the same house.

News of the incident last night on Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield was posted on Twitter today by Greater Manchester Police and they estimated there were more than one thousand people at the gathering.

Officers swooped as part of a crime crackdown codenamed ‘Project Ark’ – a burglary initiative in South Manchester that has seen the number of victims of burglary reduce by 31% since last August.

No further details have been released of the party so we’re left to assume that it was wilder than anything in Animal House or American Pie.


Manchester Evening News