Police Confiscated 320 Weapons From Texas Biker Gang Shootout

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Police Confiscated 320 Weapons From Texas Biker Gang Shootout Screen Shot 2015 05 21 at 11.30.31Rod Aydelotte / Waco Tribune Herald / Polaris

Remember the biker gang shootout that happened in Waco this week? Well, it was pretty serious. So damn serious, in fact, that nine people were killed and 320 weapons were confiscated from the scene.

The showdown was so destructive, that detectives and emergency personnel are still clearing the scene four days later – and that’s because those involved were so hasty in hiding their weapons that some were found in the most obscure places.

According to The Guardian, weapons were found hidden in toilets, stuffed under seats, and one firearm, are you ready for this, was found hidden in a bag of tortilla chips.

Police Confiscated 320 Weapons From Texas Biker Gang Shootout 150519105906 texas biker mugshots collage exlarge 169Mugshots of some of the bikers involved in the shootout

From The Guardian:

Gang members rushed to get rid of their weapons, he said, as gunfire erupted and police moved in to the Twin Peaks restaurant in the south of the city last Sunday.

They were found “stuffed in toilets and hidden under seats,” he said. One firearm was discovered in a bag of tortilla chips, while a knife was located in a bag of flour. Brass knuckles, bats and chains were also unearthed.

[Waco police Sgt. W.P] Swanton said that the inside of Twin Peaks was a “pretty nasty scene” with “blood spatter everywhere”, especially in the bathroom.


Over 170 people at the scene were arrested on “murder-related” charges, with everyone’s bail set at over a million dollars, so we assume holding cells in Texas have been pretty packed this week.

It all went down at Twin Peaks bar in Waco, Texas, when three biker gangs met up to discuss turf boundaries. But, unsurprisingly – because you know, three rival gangs and hundreds of gang members all came together – an incident in the parking lot sparked a full on war.

Basically, biker gangs in Texas are a very real entity, and you should not f*ck with them.


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