Police Crash Party Thinking Backwards ’21’ Balloon Was ISIS Propaganda

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo

Police Crash Party Thinking Backwards 21 Balloon Was ISIS Propaganda zfxbsbp08el4d8cdu7hkThe Local

Police in Sweden had a bit of a night mare this week after crashing a party for a very peculiar reason.

It was the 21st birthday of Fabian Åkesson’s girlfriend, so he decorated his flat for the occasion in Karlskron, Sweden. As you do. However while brushing his teeth he got a knock on the door. It was the police.

According to reports, a passer-by had seen the ’21’ balloon he’d bought his girlfriend, but as they was on the wrong side of it, automatically assumed it was ‘IS’ propaganda. Again, as you do.

Unbelievably, once all had been settled, they still made Fabian take down the balloon to “avoid further misunderstanding”.

I’ve heard it all now.

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