Police Dog Rescues Deputy After He’s Ambushed By 3 Men

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Police Dog Rescues Deputy After Hes Ambushed By 3 Men HT dog saves cop 3 sk 150527 v16x9 16x9 992 1Hancock County Sheriff's Office

One police officer was heroically rescued by his trusty K-9 after three men ambushed him in Pearlington, Mississippi.

Deputy Todd Frazier was on a remote stretch of highway when he approached a car parked at a deserted rest stop, officials at Hancock County Sheriff’s Department say.

After checking on the driver of the vehicle, who was described as “not moving”, two individuals surprised Deputy Frazier from the shadows and an altercation ensued.

Ricky Adam of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, said:

One cut him across the forehead with a razor, one choked him, and one grabbed his legs to carry him to the edge of the woods.

Police Dog Rescues Deputy After Hes Ambushed By 3 Men HT dog saves cop 1 sk 150527 4x3 992Hancock County Sheriff's Office

Luckily, Frazier managed to press a button which released Lucas, his K-9, who is a black Belgian Malinois. He leapt from Frazier’s car and proceeded to attack the three men, biting all of them before they attempted to flee in their car.

Lucas continued to hold his bite on one of the assailants, and hung onto his leg as they tried to drive away. He chipped some teeth and received a bruised shoulder in the process, but was fine.

The three suspects still remain at large and it is unclear what the motive of the attack was. But one thing that is clear, is that Lucas is an absolute hero!


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