Police Find Jaguar Storing £37 Million Worth Of Drugs

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Three men have been jailed after attempting to smuggle £37.2 million worth of heroin into Britain in a customised Jaguar. Not the smartest move.

When crossing the border, Attique Sami, Noman Qureshi and Israr Khan were caught out by Border Force search officers who found 316 packets of the drug. They found it stashed in the wheel arches, bumpers, dashboard, engine, seating and the spare wheel compartment.

The National Crime Agency Branch Commander, David Norris has released a statement on the idiotic move:

The car in which the drugs were hidden had virtually every spare bit of space filled with heroin.

But they were unaware their moves were being monitored by NCA investigators, who prevented them from putting these harmful drugs on the streets.

Qureshi faces 21 years in jail, Sami and Khan will serve 18 and 19 years time respectively.