Police Have One Hour Stand-Off With Snake, Find Out It’s An Ornament

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Police Have One Hour Stand Off With Snake, Find Out Its An Ornament police snake webSTIAN ALEXANDER

After the RSPCA called police over a snake lurking in a residential garden near a school, law enforcement rushed to the scene and were involved in a stand-off that lasted an hour.

The so called ‘venomous adder’ was lying still on the patio as the police stood over it, until they finally plucked up the courage to move closer and ask other residents if they had seen it before – only to be told the snake was actually an ornament.

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A police spokesperson claimed:

Officers refused to be rattled when they were called to a report of a snake lurking on a patio garden area to a block of flats.

Police were called at 6.36am by the RSPCA who had received a call from a member of the public, who was especially concerned because the snake was spotted near local schools.

One of the officers attending observed, ‘It wasn’t moving but they can stay still for a long time. We didn’t want to move in too close in case we disturbed it.’

Officers then made enquiries at the flats – only for a resident to reveal it was a garden ornament.

Embarrassingly for the police, one 43-year-old resident claimed that the ornament had ‘paint peeling off it’ and was clearly a fake, but we can still understand why the officers went to investigate, especially given it was so close to a school.

Still, I’m sure it could have been resolved quicker…