Police Make Woman Sit In Hot Car After She Locked Her Dog Inside It

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One police officer decided to teach a woman a lesson after she left her dog in a hot car while doing some errands.

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, people are being warned that leaving animals in a hot car can kill them, and police officers even have permission to break into cars if they see a dog in distress, but one officer decided to go a little bit further than that.

hot car

The officer from Ohio, America, made a woman actually get into the boiling car she felt it was ok to leave her dog in, and see how much she enjoyed sweating and struggling in the heat.

The woman was eventually let out of the car and was fine, if a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable, but really, all we cared about was learning the dog was ok too, and thankfully he was.

The police officer meanwhile has become our new favourite person.