Police Officer Jailed For Damaging A Student’s Tooth In An Unprovoked Attack

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PAY PC Andrew Ott main 640x418PC Andrew Ott

PC Andrew Ott, a floundering joke of a police officer, sobbed in the dock on Tuesday as he was found guilty of assaulting innocent student William Horner during the 2010 student protests.

The 36-year-old policeman, now also facing misconduct proceedings, struck the student with his riot shield. The unprovoked assault, which netted him an eight month prison sentence, caused the student to lose part of a tooth.

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Presiding judge Jeffrey Pegden described the incident as an act of “gratuitous and unnecessary violence” before recounting the details to a disgusted and shocked court:

This offence was committed in a sterile area, in relative darkness, when you had the victim cornered and no violence was necessary at all. An extremely serious aggravating factor is your abuse of power as a police officer.

You hit him with a full-force blow to his face with your shield. That was wholly gratuitous, unnecessary violence, and I have considered the stress on William Horner over the last few years.

Ott, from Rochester Kent, was caught on his own audio device boasting of the attack. He told his colleagues that he “poked the little c*nt in the eye”.

We are extremely supportive of our emergency services, but some people should not be policing our streets. Andrew Ott is one of them.

Do you think he should ever work for the police again?