Police Officer Sues Starbucks After Spilling Free Coffee On His Own Lap

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Police Officer Sues Starbucks After Spilling Free Coffee On His Own Lap Starbucks spill 570x426Google

A policeman in the U.S is planning to sue Starbucks after he spilled a free cup of coffee on himself in 2012.

Matthew Kohr, a lieutenant in the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina, suffered third degree burns in the accident.

According to ABC News, in his testimony on Wednesday, Kohr claimed that he “didn’t know it was that hot” and that the burns caused his Crohn’s disease to flare up. In turn that caused anxiety, insomnia and intimacy problems with his wife. Ouch.

The coffee was free because Starbucks gives free coffee to officers in uniform but the company may soon pay the price for their generosity.

Kohr was planning to sue the coffee chain for millions of dollars, telling the jury:

We said, ‘Well, what’s our life worth? What’s a year and a half or two years of your life worth?’ I thought that was worth $10 million.

However, he and his wife can only seek a mere $750,000 in compensation in a civil suit. Hard times.

Starbucks’ lawyers are arguing that Kohr’s health problems started much earlier.

Tricia Derr, Starbuck’s attorney, said:

We’re talking about an extensive disease and an extensive process and, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t believe it had anything to do with a free cup of coffee.”

So, although it’s no use crying over spilled milk, it seems that coffee is a different matter entirely.


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