Police Records Prove The 3 Boobed Woman Is A FAKE



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The woman claiming to have had plastic surgery to add a third boob has been outed as a fake.

As most suspected, the whole thing was a steaming pile of horsesh*t, and there are police records that prove as much.

While we wanted to believe that young Jasmine Tridevil paid $20,000 to become an actual 3 boobed woman, an official document proves she is not full of silicone, but FALSE HOPE.

3 boobed lady revealed as fraud image 2

TMZ confirmed that a woman (‘Jasmine’) reported her luggage as stolen at the Tampa International Airport from an American Airlines conveyor belt, which included her black Nylon roller bag.

And when Airport located the bag they found a three-boob prosthetic that was valued at around $5,000 dollars.

The now unknown woman claimed she wanted her own MTV Reality show where she lorded herself as less attractive to men due to her 3rd boob.

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To be fair, she didn’t do too bad in getting herself out there. But it’s now confirmed to be bull.