Pornhub Send Lad Who Broke His Laptop A New One

By : Sam Ridgway |



Remember the young fella who tweeted that he punched up his laptop when he heard his mum coming up the stairs – because Pornhub had froze?

Well, whether his tweet was a lie or not, Pornhub have done him a solid (no pun intended) and sent him a brand new machine for his trouble.

The kings of social media marketing caught his tweet that racked up over 9000 retweets and decided to do a bit of charity work.

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PornHub’s Vice President, Corey Price, spoke about the decision:

We got wind of what happened to Denzel and his laptop over the last few days, and realize that this is a common, yet tragic modern day mis-FAP of the average Pornhub fan.

It’s also a serious blow to everyone who enjoys the privacy of a good w*** within the security of their rooms.

We appreciate Denzel’s loyalty, as well as his clear sense of judgment in picking our site as a digital destination for some adult oriented R&R. As a result, we would like to send him a brand new laptop alongside some awesome Pornhub swag to use for his continued pleasure.

Fair play to them, they’ve always got our back in some way shape or form!