Prepare For A Future Where Your Phone Is Made From An Army Of Ants

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Prepare For A Future Where Your Phone Is Made From An Army Of Ants ant2 640x426

Technology is ever developing and German industrial automation firm, Festo, have now announced that in the future, phones could well be made by ants. Yes, that’s right, ants.

Not the creatures, obviously, but rather little mechanical ‘ant-like creatures’ that will be approximately 5.3 inches wide, come complete with built in stereo cameras and floor sensors to allow them to fully view their surroundings, and with radio antennas to communicate with each other, the idea is that the ants will be able to solve large scale problems quickly and efficiently.

The product is eventually set to redefine the scope of manufacturing, and the BionicANTs (for Autonomous Networking Technologies) are the latest in a line of similar inventions from Festo, who back in 2006 created fish shaped drones.

The company also announced plans for e-motion butterflies – because they are building up a zoo of animal shaped creations, obviously.

Prepare For A Future Where Your Phone Is Made From An Army Of Ants ants 640x426

When asked what kinds of machines they saw the ants working in, the lead on the project, Elias Knubben, claimed to Vice:

Nowadays, in many [machines] we have one centralized control board or control device and from that we control all kinds of transporting, handling, gripping, off-switching elements. But in the future, we think that many products will have their own decentralized intelligence.

We will have more functions in single components that will need more intelligence as well. So it will help if all those components are connected to each other and will communicate and figure out their own strategies to work in an efficient way together.

This is actually what ants do, so we think that their way of working together could be an option for many applications.

We think the way technology is always developing is just mind boggling and these ants are just the tip of the iceberg!

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