Probably The Most Shocking Drink Driving campaign ever

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This is the moment a pub toilet was turned into a devastatingly shocking scene of a car accident

The stunt, which occured in a North London pub, was created in 2013. It was widely praised by everyone online and it recently came up on my news feed again after a story was released of a woman driving on the M66, who was FIVE times over the legal limit. It seemed stupid of me not to share this again as it is for a good cause and things like this need to constantly be shared around.

The latest ad sees young men at the pub heading to the toilet, only to be confronted with a woman smashing through a mirror, replicating the impact of a person hitting a car windscreen.

While the woman is a mannequin and the men involved are actors, the image of a bloodied face through a windscreen combined with sounds of a car accident make for a startling video.