Protesters In Anonymous Masks Stage Sit-In At McDonalds, Force Store To Close

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Protesters In Anonymous Masks Stage Sit In At McDonalds, Force Store To Close anonymousGoogle

Protesters wearing ‘Anonymous’ masks raided a McDonalds in Manchester last night forcing staff to shut down the store.

Around 20 demonstrators attended the fast food outlet on Oxford Road in Manchester at 10pm, before a number of them staged a sit-in on the counter and forced staff to close down the store.

The action appears to be in response to the recent allegations that homeless people have been refused service at the fast food chain.

Police attended the store after spotting the group in Manchester city centre approaching the Oxford Road store wearing the ‘V for Vendetta’ style masks made famous by the Anonymous activist group.

Protesters In Anonymous Masks Stage Sit In At McDonalds, Force Store To Close McDonalds MancGoogle Maps

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Inspector Phil Spurgeon, from the city centre’s policing team, said:

I attended and it was noisy and chaotic. Some of the protesters had scarves over their faces and at least one had an anarchy sign. The protesters were asked to leave by the manager, and they did, before briefly continuing the noisy protest outside. From there, they went to the homeless protest camp in St Ann’s Square, before leaving in a minibus back to Merseyside, where they said they were from.

The chain’s outlet in the city centre has been embroiled in controversy recently following two rows about allegedly refused to serve homeless people.

Charlotte Farrow previously claimed staff at the fast food chain told her they could not serve homeless people as part of a “new policy”. That incident came days after landscape gardener Daniel Jackson claimed he was refused a meal at the same restaurant because he “looked like a homeless person”.

McDonalds denies the claims.