Pupils At A School In Runcorn Sent To Isolation For Wearing Marie Curie Badges

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Kids from one Runcorn school wearing Marie Curie badges to show their support for the cancer charity have found themselves in a spot of bother after breaching school uniform rules.

After being told to take the daffodil pins off, pupils at The Grange School who refused were sent down to isolation rooms.

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One student claimed:

We have been taken out of lessons while we have got our GCSEs because we won’t take off our charity badges.

It jeopardises our learning and we’ve got exams soon.

We’ve got cancer badges and ribbons on our blazers.

They’re saying it isn’t part of school uniform and because of singling out charities over others.

We can’t see much wrong with what this kid is saying and the fact that a fair few of the pupils were wearing the badges because of personal loss is also a mitigating factor in our eyes, but not according to the school apparently.

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After getting a fair bit of flack from both the students and parents, the school’s headmaster, Barry Carney, claimed:

A number of students have been wearing some badges which are not permitted according to the rules of the school, which are pretty clear.

When we asked students to remove these badges there has been a small number who have dragged their heels and said because of personal circumstances they want to show their support.

We think the school should allow the kids to wear the badges – after all, it is in support of a cancer charity. There are far worse things they could be trying to do.

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