Rambo Cat Digs Its Way Out Of Its Own Grave

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Rambo Cat Digs Its Way Out Of Its Own Grave zv1yuuteih19qvmsgrbz

This is Bart. And he is one absolute badass.

After being run over by a car in Tampa, Florida, Bart’s owner thought that he’d died, so buried him in his garden. But no. This cat still had some lives left, obviously.

Because FIVE DAYS LATER, a neighbour saw Bart crawl out of his grave and casually stroll into his garden. The neighbour then scrambled to tell the owner (we’ll call the owner.. Homer?).

Homer couldn’t afford Bart’s treatment, but was fortunately taken in by The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, who are now looking after him for free. Legends.

And other than facial wounds, a broken jaw and a badass-looking but ruined eye, he’s expected to be just fine. This cat is harder than your cat. And probably your dog.