Rare £100 Coin Launches In Britain To Celebrate The New Year

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79967223 coincomp Rare £100 Coin Launches In Britain To Celebrate The New Year

A rare £100 commemorative coin has been launched in Britain to celebrate the New Year, and it’s going to piss off retail workers everywhere.


The coin, which has the Big Ben on it (to represent the New Year countdown), contains two ounces of silver and only 50,000 of them will be made.

Shane Bissett, the Royal Mint’s director of commemorative coins said:


The sound of Big Ben chiming in the Elizabeth Tower is one that will have become synonymous with Britain for millions of British citizens and tourists alike, particularly on New Year’s Eve when the world listens for Big Ben, which marks Greenwich Mean Time, to chime in the New Year.


It is a fitting choice for the nation’s first £100 coin, and it is a fitting time for us to reveal it.

The coins have been made as collector items, and while they are still legal tender and can be used in shops, they will not be put into general circulation.

[via BBC News]