Rare Video Game Going For Over $100K On Ebay

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Rare Video Game Going For Over $100K On Ebay Nintendo fb thumb

The bidding for this rare Nintendo game started at $5K, but since going up on Ebay the bids are unbelievably breaching the $100,000 mark.

The highest bid for the factory-sealed 1987 Nintendo NES Stadium Events game currently stands at $100,099.99 (£66,335.32). Outrageous stuff.

Rare Video Game Going For Over $100K On Ebay game 1

There are three days left to bid on the 30-year-old game cartridge and we imagine the bidding will get pretty heated. I wonder if it can reach a quarter of a million? And who the f*ck is bidding this much on a retro game?!

The description on bay explained why the the game is so rare and expensive:

It is well known and accepted in the gaming community that Stadium Events is the rarest licensed NES game available thus making a sealed copy one of the most sought after and prized possessions for any video game collector!

In 1987 Nintendo purchased the rights to the Family Fun Fitness pad from Bandai as well as the rights to Stadium Events. After the purchase, Nintendo ordered a recall and almost *none* of these titles survived.

This listing is for a complete, excellent+/near mint, sealed copy of the game and the one of few to ever be sent to the Video Game Authority in Roswell, Georgia for official grading, verification and authentication.

Once the game arrived safely, the professionals at VGA gently cleaned the item, verified it, graded it and sealed it in a professional quality acrylic case where it will remain for the rest of its life.

But I think if I was the kind of person to be into spending ridiculous amounts of money on something like this, I’d settle for €750 (£585.89) I found.

Rare Video Game Going For Over $100K On Ebay game 750

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