Real-Life House From Disney’s Up To Be Knocked Down

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After an ongoing battle against developers, the real-life house from Disney’s ‘Up’ is to be demolished, after the homeowner passed away in 2008.

The story of Up sees an old man desperately trying to save his house from being knocked down. He then ties balloons to the roof and flies off on an adventure that his deceased wife wanted him to fulfil. The story of Edith Macefield is very similar (except for the flying off part) as developers once offered her $1 million to leave. She refused every time.

When she passed away in 2008 a company bought the property and promised to keep it standing, but after financial trouble it’s been put up for auction. Now reports say it’s likely to be sold to developers who will knock it down.

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Edith fought tooth and nail against developers who built around her Seattle home, as did Up character Carl Fredricksen. Sadly, Edith couldn’t follow in the footsteps of Carl. Well, it was a Disney film after all and real life is pretty grim.

She owned the house since 1952 and never lived anywhere else until she passed away. Now developers will knock it down and destroy the memories created in there. But what’s new?