Redhead Girl Banned From School For Being ‘Too Ginger’

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Redhead Girl Banned From School For Being Too Ginger gingerWEBTHUMBNEW

This 17-year-old student was told she wasn’t allowed back to school until ‘her hair was less ginger’.

Emily Reay had been dying her hair the same colour for the past 3 years, but suddenly when she returned to school after the Easter holiday break, they deemed her decided to deem her hair as inappropriate.

The north-west school said the colour of her hair was against school rules, ‘unnatural’ and equally as bad as having green or blue hair. To which her mother responded… “Is ginger not a natural hair colour?” Fair point.

Emily states her hair gives her confidence to perform her music, stating that “Everyone knows me as that ‘young ginger singer.'”

Her response has be3n to pin her hair up, but not actually change the colour.