Regular Sex Will Help Lads Perform Better In Exams

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Regular Sex Will Help Lads Perform Better In Exams TN11

New research shows that regular sex can boost performance and productivity. Which is good to know.

Sex therapist Peter Saddington, who works for counselling service Relate, says that having sex will help us achieve better exam results.

Getting rid of pent-up aggression can make you more relaxed and help you take in more information.

Generally, it’s more likely to be men that notice having sex makes them more relaxed and therefore more engaged.

While they may look at it as an enjoyable distraction, it does help in the long run.

Women are generally more comfortable and better at concentrating on revision.

On the flip side, however, girls are more likely to see sex as a reward after a hard day at work, so good luck trying to get your timing right!


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