Ronaldo’s 14 Year Old Son Pulls A 27-Year-Old Teacher

By : Alex Bentley |


Ronaldos Son 27 Year Old Teacher 1

Most of us had a crush on a teacher when we were in school. But the son of the original Ronaldo took that to another level recently.

The 14-year-old son of the football icon works as a DJ in a Brazilian club (Yeah, I know). But here he is kissing a stunning 27-year-old teacher.

Ronaldos Son 27 Year Old Teacher 2

The story has taken Brazil by storm, mainly because the babe in question, Lu Bernardi, has come out and admitted to it. Although there is a bit more too it than it may seem at first. Ronaldo Jr… who is ACTUALLY named Ronald… had lied about his age.

He told Lu that he was 18, and she said he was taller than anybody else in the club, and that he held conversation like somebody much older. Yeah, like his babyface didn’t give ANYTHING away…

The nightclub should also probably take some of the blame, since they actively let a 14-year-old DJ there, which probably gives off.. you know, the impression that he’s a lot older than he actually is.

Jesus christ.