Ronda Rousey’s Perfect Answer To ‘Would You Fight Floyd Mayweather?’

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Ronda Rouseys Perfect Answer To Would You Fight Floyd Mayweather? mayweather rousey

Let’s put this on the table straight away. Ronda Rousey would wipe the floor with Floyd Mayweather.

Money Mayweather is an extremely tactical boxer, and has remained unbeaten for the whole of his professional career because of this. However, if you put him in an octagon with Ronda Rousey, he’d be facing a completely different beast. One who would display aggression like he has never faced before. Even UFC head, Dana White weighed in on it recently, proclaiming “She’d rag doll that guy!”

But many would argue the opposite side, if Ronda chose to enter Floyd’s domain. It’s an argument that is never going to have a general consensus, but being the biased sons of bitches that we are, we have Ronda taking it every day.

Recently, during promotion for the Entourage movie that she features in, Ronda was asked the above question, to which she replied: “We won’t fight unless we end up dating.”

Many people are saying this was a jab at Mayweather’s littered past of domestic violence. A past that has seen him arrested, handed citations and visited by police multiple times. All for violence against women – something that has not been heavily publicised in the mainstream media.

And if the comment WAS aimed at Floyd’s past, it would certainly mark an early KO for Ronda.