Rookie Cop Refuses To Shoot Double Murder Suspect Threatening To Shoot Him

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Rookie Cop Refuses To Shoot Double Murder Suspect Threatening To Shoot Him cop

A video has emerged showing rookie cop Jessie Kiddler refusing to use lethal force when faced with the ultimatum by suspect Michael Wilcox, “shoot me or I’ll shoot you.” He may be a rookie, but I think he handled the situation like a pro.

The footage is captured from a body camera Kiddler personally decided to equip himself with, in light of recent events. The suspect – Michael Wilcox is believed to have killed his fiancée, and best friend. He repeatedly asks the officer to shoot him and even knocks him down at one stage, but Kiddler remains calm, and is able to make the arrest without using lethal force.

Kiddler, a 27-year-old marine veteran, has only been a police officer for just over a year in New Richmond, Ohio, the pursuit led him to Kentucky where police believe Wilcox travelled to kill his friend.

The dispatcher had warned Kiddler before the incident that Wilcox could potentially threaten suicide by cop, and might be armed. The law states Kiddler would be well within his rights to use lethal force in this situation.

Kiddler explained to local radio that he used his own judgement, by watching Wilcox’s arms throughout the whole incident to avoid shooting.

Law enforcement officers all across the nation have to deal with split-second decisions that mean life or death I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force.

The video is now being used as an example on how to refrain from using deadly force, and quite rightly so.

It further demonstrates that there are good and bad cops out there, and although Kiddler’s actions may not receive as much widespread media attention as other incidents in the past, it certainly shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Some have criticised him, but personally I think he is a hero.