Rugby Lass Turned Beauty Queen Beats The Bullies In The Best Way

By : Rebecca Knight |



Amy Brown is a pretty happy girl right now. The 21 year old, who is studying criminology at the University of Gloucester, may have suffered at the hands of bullies during her school days for being clever and wearing boys clothes – but the 5ft 8″ beauty showed the bullies just who was going to have the last laugh by not only becoming a star on the rugby pitch but also entering and winning a beauty competition.

rugby 22 306x426Tom Flathers

She claimed:

I never expected to come this far. I’ve never been into high heels and dresses.

For me, it was always rugby and drinking with the lads in the bar afterwards. The closest I ever had to having a picture taken was doing a selfie.

I never ever thought of myself as being particularly glam. Before I got into rugby I was bullied at school.

Amy was crowned Miss Forest Dean and will now compete in the semi finals of Miss England come April to boot – showing that you can be clever, sporty and beautiful – in fact, that’s pretty much what we would call having the whole package.

[via Daily Mail]