Rumours Are Spreading That Iggy Azalea Was Born A Lad

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Rumours Are Spreading That Iggy Azalea Was Born A Lad iggy web thumb

Sometimes I forget how stupid the internet is and then I come across a story like this. Apparently Iggy Azaela was born a man. But she wasn’t. Obviously.

To fill you in on the details of the rumour before I smash it apart, apparently the Australian pop star was born a boy named Cody. The rumour further states she was on “testosterone blockers” as a teenager and changed here name. At 18 she had corrective surgery to get rid of her dick. It’s claimed that this all came out of her own mouth in an interview with MTV where she said: “I don’t mind if the whole world finds [out], I can’t hide it all my life.”

But it’s all bullshit.

The original report on this story was published by website A website that is dedicated to making up stories that are satirical of pop culture. It even says so itself:

“ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”

However Iggy has taken the rumours in her stride by reacting to them on Twitter.

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