Russell Brand Launches New Documentary Attacking Britain’s W*nkers

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Russell Brand Launches New Documentary Attacking Britains W*nkers Emporers new cloths 640x358

Russell Brand has continued his attack on Britain’s growing inequality with his latest documentary, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Brand’s documentary is set to be released on Tuesday, and he believes it is in your best interest to watch it. Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, who currently benefits from the status quo. Ironic, I know.

The documentary certainly does raise some very interesting facts about inequality in Britain. The UK is the only G7 nation (leading advanced economies) to have seen a growth in inequality since the turn of the century. Last year, according to the annual credit suisse report, the amount of the country’s wealth controlled by the richest 10% increased to 54.1%, up from 51.5% in 2000. To put that into context, there are now 44 billionaires in Britain, compared to just 8 in 2000. But remember…

Russell Brand Launches New Documentary Attacking Britains W*nkers Osborne meme 640x426

There is always a varied response to Russell Brand’s campaigns for social justice. Russell continues to condemn the widening economic gap between rich and poor following the 2008 financial crisis. Yet, he believes that voting once every 5 years, will not change anything. In fact, Russell has admitted that he doesn’t vote because…

There’s nothing worth voting for. If there was someone worth voting for, I’d vote for it and I’d encourage other people if they think that there is a political party that represents their views; if they think there are politicians that are speaking on their behalf, by all means vote for them.

We want to know your opinion on Russell. Is he a hypocritical prick? Or is he a man of conscience using his status and position to speak for those without a voice? Both are popular choices.

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