Russell Brand Pussies Out Hours After Defeat – ‘I’m Just A Comedian’

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Russell Brand Pussies Out Hours After Defeat   Im Just A Comedian Russell fb

Russell Brand endorsed Ed Miliband and Labour just days before the election, proclaiming: “You’ve got to love Labour.” However, speaking on his YouTube channel today he has confessed that he regrets getting involved in party politics ahead of the general election.

David Cameron labelled Russell Brand a joke and also called Ed Miliband one for speaking to him, and it seems Mr Brand has vindicated the PM.

Speaking on his YouTube channel ‘The Trews’ he said:

I’m just a comedian! I’m not even electable or nothing! I’m just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of a mouth.

So was Russell just doing it all for more publicity? Probably. A sizeable number of people have accused Russell of furthering his own agenda, and they will certainly feel they’re right now.

Russell didn’t even wait a day to jump off the Labour bandwagon – if he abandons his so called beliefs so easily, is he really the man to fight for social justice?


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