Russell Brand Wants You To Vote Labour

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Russell Brand has changed his no voting stance and wants the British public to vote for Ed Miliband and the Labour Party in the General Election on Thursday.

In the second part of his ‘Milibrand’ interview, the comedian, actor and commentator endorsed the Labour leader and urged viewers to vote for the party to “start the revolution”.

Brand said the Conservative Party, who are currently in power in the UK Government (in coalition with the Liberal Democrats), are “tearing apart the very fabric” of the country.

Releasing more footage of the interview he conducted with Miliband last week, Brand added:

If we speak, he will listen.

You’ve got to vote Labour. You’ve got to get the Conservative Party out of government.

When I spoke to Ed Miliband, David Cameron (said), ‘Russell Brand’s a joke!’ Do you know what I think is a joke? 900,000 people using food banks in an apparently civilised, wealthy country. Zero hours contracts. A feeling of total antipathy, loss and despair among ordinary British people. That’s how I feel about David Cameron and the Tories.

Ed Miliband understands that people are p*ssed off. People have had enough of their needs being neglected because of the requirements of big business.

Politics isn’t something that we can just be involved in once every five years. Democracy is for every day, not just for elections.

Brand has been very vocal about not voting in the past, but has recently shown support for the Green Party and it now looks like it will be Labour who will be getting his vote afterall.