Russia Bans PornHub And Ten Other ‘Illegal’ Pornography Sites

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Russia Bans PornHub And Ten Other Illegal Pornography Sites UNILAD putin porn WEB4Alex Watt | UNILAD

Russia’s communications watchdog have announced that access to adult websites including porn titans PornHub has been blocked after a regional court ruled that they violated a federal law on illegal porn distribution.

Telecom censor Roskomnadzor determined the sites failed to protect children from “harmful information” and that the websites were engaged in “the illegal manufacture, distribution and public display of pornography”. Those actions are illegal under Article 242 of Russia’s criminal code.

Porn sites are having a rough time of it in Russia recently, with a watchdog releasing a list of 136 other adult sites earlier this year which it planned to block.

Russia Bans PornHub And Ten Other Illegal Pornography Sites UNILAD putin porn 32Alex Watt | UNILAD

The new porn site bans follow sweeping new laws criminalising many areas of sexual activity and expression, including the infamous “anti-gay law”, which effectively bans discussing homosexuality with children.

Porn sites aren’t the only victims of these laws either. Wikipedia was briefly banned in August for an entry about a form of cannabis, while Reddit was blocked over a 2013 post about psychedelic mushrooms. Russia has also banned the use of celebrity photographs in internet imagery unrelated to the them, effectively criminalising memes.

And we definitely wouldn’t recommend posting anything anti-authority or speaking out against the reign of President Vladimir Putin!

Basically, Russia have gone a bit censorship crazy recently so good luck finding any boobs online in the near future if you live in Moscow or St Petersburg…