Russian Burger King Decides To Advertise On Women’s Breasts To Promote Whoppers

By : Rebecca Knight |



Burger King in Russia has hit headlines around the world for using scantily clad women to advertise their Whopper burgers on their official page.

The page is their equivalent of Facebook and ‘models’ are found using Tittygram, where the girls will write anything on their breasts providing it is under 35 words and you give them money.


The fast food chain have come under fire for their methods and the caption they decided to kick off their advertising campaign with has only made things worse:

Do you want this to be your name? Every week the most active community member will receive this type of named message. It’s not just your Whoppers that are cooked on a real fire, everything with us is on fire!

boobs 3

In Burger King’s defence, only women who are over the age of 21 and want to do the photos are allowed to take part, and the messages cannot be offensive. They also offer 2% of profits to breast cancer research, so at least there is that sliver lining.