Ryan Gosling Sends Late Vine Star’s Girlfriend Flowers

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ryan gosling Ryan Gosling Sends Late Vine Stars Girlfriend Flowers

We recently reported on how actor Ryan Gosling had paid tribute to Ryan McHenry, the man who became famous for all those ‘Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal’ Vine videos.


After 27-year-old McHenry lost his battle with bone cancer on Sunday, Gosling not only ate his cereal for him in a fitting tribute, but he also sent McHenry’s mourning girlfriend some flowers.

Joanne McGuinness received a bouquet of memorial flowers from the actor, who had never actually met her boyfriend, but shared with him a mutual interest (or non-interest) in cereal – and had only interacted with him over social media a few times over the years.


ryan Ryan Gosling Sends Late Vine Stars Girlfriend FlowersMcHenry, left, with girlfriend Joanne

This is one of those few times that they, kind of, interacted…

In a touching Facebook post, Joanne this week posted a photo of the bouquet sent by Gosling, with the caption: “My darling, flowers arrived today with a beautiful message about how wonderful you are. They were from Ryan Gosling, looks like you are best buds!”


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RIP Ryan.


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