Saved By The Bell’s Dustin Diamond Sentenced To 4 Months Inside After Stabbing

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Dustin Diamond – or Screech from Saved by the Bell as you might know him – has just been handed a four month jail sentence for his part in a stabbing.

The 38 year old has been told he will have to serve 120 days in jail and also pay a fine of $1,000 after his part in a brawl that saw him convicted of two misdemeanours.

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A police report claimed:

Diamond stated that he did not intentionally stab the individual in the bar but that chaos broke out and people were grabbing at him and that he swung his arms to break free.

Diamond ended up stabbing a man after being involved the bar brawl that his girlfriend Amanda Schutz was also caught up in, and despite telling the court that it would never, ever happen again, the judge told him that he was going to be made an example of and used to show that such actions were simply unacceptable.

Poor Screech.