Scarface Is Being Remade And Will Be Set In LA

By : Sam Ridgway |



According to the Hollywood Reporter, 80’s classic Scarface is being remade, and it’s going to be set in LA.

The film will be set in modern day Los Angeles, as opposed to the 80’s Miami that the original (well, original remake – the very first being set in Chicago) depicted, and Straight Outta Compton director Jonathan Herman is on board to make sure the film has the grit and edge that it needs.

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However the film will be directed by the much acclaimed Pablo Larrain from Chile. It will be his first American film, with Jon Mone and Jay Polidoro overseeing it for Universal.

We have no idea who they’ll cast yet, but we do know it will be a similar rise-to-power storyline with an immigrant protagonist, and we can’t wait.

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