School Officials Use Girl As Bait In Rape Sting, She Gets Raped

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School Officials Use Girl As Bait In Rape Sting, She Gets Raped UNILAD US 5USCourts.Gov

In a sickening case of incompetence, a girl was used by a school as ‘bait’ to catch a sexual predator, and ended up getting raped by him.

Prior to the incident, the victim – who was 14 at the time – had been approached by her attacker several times and asked to have sex with him in the bathroom. She ignored his advances at first, but eventually went to her teacher, June Simpson, and reported him.


The school knew about the boy, and had heard he’d been propositioning girls to have sex with him for a while. He was also known to have a history of sexual misconduct.

Ms Simpson told the girl to accept his offer and go into the bathroom with him, where teachers would then catch him in the act. According to court records, Ms Simpson told the girl: “Don’t do anything. Just get him to meet you and we’ll catch him.”


The victim didn’t initially want to do it, but her teacher convinced her to. The plan went terribly wrong when the girl went with the boy – but to a different bathroom than originally planned. He then anally raped her.

School Officials Use Girl As Bait In Rape Sting, She Gets Raped UNILAD Artists impressions of Lady Justice statue on the Old Bailey London8

Court documents state:

She now attends counseling sessions, takes medication for depression, no longer participates in extracurricular activities like basketball, and her grades have suffered.

Incredibly, the girl has only just been granted permission to sue the school district for their failings. A previous ruling found the school had not violated a federal education law, guaranteeing an education free from all forms of sexual discrimination and violence.

Thankfully, the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the ruling, and now the girl can sue the shit out of the school district for their appalling behaviour.

Let’s hope justice is served.


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