Schools To Report Parents To Police If Kids Play 18+ Video Games

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Parents are being warned by schools that they could face police questioning if their kids are playing 18+ video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty.

A letter sent out to parents at various schools in Cheshire raised concerns about the levels of violence and explicit content children are being exposed to when playing said games.

The letter warned that if teachers become aware that certain pupils are playing these games at home, they will contact the police and social services.

Grand Theft Auto IV

I’m sure our already strained police forces will be over the moon about visiting the homes of children who are in the safety of their own homes – as opposed to hanging around on street corners.

The Nantwich Education Partnership is responsible for the letter in question, which says that parents who allow their children to play these games are being ‘neglectful’.

However the letter has been criticised for going to far, and threatening parents – rather than helping them.

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Make of it what you will, but one thing is for sure, kids are much better off in their homes in this day and age than out on the streets every night.

Games like these will never stop being made and will always make their way into the hands of underage people. But so does alcohol and cigarettes – and that is a much bigger problem than video game violence.