Science Can Now Tell You When Is The Best Time To Have Sex, Drink And Date

By : Rebecca Knight |



I’m a pretty indecisive person. In fact, I usually spend half an hour deciding which flavour Pop Tart to have for breakfast, let alone when it comes to making major decisions. But now science can help me with this.

It can apparently help all of us, with any and all our decisions, ranging from when is the best time to go under the knife to when we should be having sex or an argument. Pretty cool really.

The University of Southern California and Yahoo Labs have combined to analyse 16 billion email messages to work out when it would be best to do everything from mundane tasks to making pretty life changing decisions.

So, don’t reach for a cigarette first thing in a morning – that’s the worst thing you could do. Drink coffee not when your caffeine craving strikes, but between 9.30 and 11.30 am to get the best impact from the caffeine. Never make a life changing decision after 10pm because disaster will strike. Leave that until 11.59am the next day apparently.


Date between 7 – 8pm when you are at your most sociable and job interviews between 4 and 6pm are an absolute no, no if you want to get employed. Drinking is also best between 7 – 8pm because the alcohol is processed by the liver more effectively, which is pretty ideal really because you can date and drink at the same time. Facebook posts meanwhile will get more likes at 8pm when people are less stressed after a long day.

alcohol gif

Oh, and the most important one of all? The best time to have sex is 8am, so all you morning sex lovers out there now have the perfect excuse. Those of us who like to sleep in and enjoy sex during the evening, well we’re f*cked. Both physically and metaphorically.


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